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The roots of the Optical Studio were planted in Lethbridge more than a decade ago. Dr. Jim Asuchak had a vision of promoting holistic optometry in Lethbridge so he established the Optical Studio in 1999, after earning his OD from the University of Waterloo. A few years later, he would cross paths with Dr. George Day, also a fellow graduate from the University of Waterloo. Their shared philosophy on holistic optometry and wellness would become the foundation of the Optical Studio, and has strengthened their commitment to providing exceptional vision care within the community.

With their roots firmly planted in Lethbridge, both Dr. Asuchak and Dr. Day have a strong sense of community. Dr. Asuchak serves as both President Elect of the Alberta Association of Optometrists as well as President of the Lethbridge Society of Optometrists, while Dr. Day devotes his time to the Traveling Low Vision Clinics in order to provide comprehensive low vision care for children and youth within the region.

Both Dr. Asuchak and Dr. Day are committed to providing first-class eye care within Southern Alberta and continue to innovate holistic optometry at the Optical Studio.