You may experience or know someone who experiences migraines. These strong headaches can cause a multitude of symptoms like pain, nausea, or even have a fear of light, known as photophobia. 

Currently, there is no cure. There are only tools to manage symptoms. Migraine glasses are quickly emerging as a necessary tool for survival in the digital age as migraines affect over 1 billion people worldwide. There is one migraine glasses brand that we carry at Optical Studio, called Avulux.

Avulux was created at the University of Utah, backed by independent studies and developed over many years by a neuro-ophthalmologist, Dr. Charles Posternack. 

The Science:  

  • Avulux products are now available as an option to help reduce migraines and light sensitivity, known as migraine glasses. 
  • The Avulux lenses filter out specific wavelengths of color in the visible light spectrum. Blue light, as we know, can be triggering and straining to the eye. 
  •  The Avulux lens will filter out short wavelength blue light and longer wavelength amber and red light to only allow “soothing green” to reduce irritation.  

When to Use: 

  • During screen time, and any time you are experiencing heightened photosensitivity, and mostly during migraines.  
  • Also, recommended for other potential triggers, such as fluorescent lighting.  

When Will you Know: 

  • Your Optometrist will discuss and recommend the Avulux lens during your Eye Examination. 
  • Your lens technicians will provide you with prices and answer any questions. 
  • Optical Studio can offer a two-week trial period to ensure this is the correct product for you. 

The Process: 

  • After you receive the information about the lens, we will then follow up and confirm you are happy with your results, extend your trial period, cover any further questions, and then discuss a treatment plan for your new lenses. 


Are they the same as blue light glasses sold online?  

No – painful light exists in the upper blue (450nm+) range, amber range, and red range. Clear and/or yellow tinted blue light glasses do not filter the light that is most painful to those most sensitive. Nor do they reduce migraines or light sensitivity in a clinical setting. Avulux lenses absorb the blue light in the material but are not a simple blue light filter. 

Are Avulux lenses the same as FL-41? 

FL-41 were created for light sensitivities related to fluorescent lighting. Whereas Avulux absorbs more blue, amber, and red light than the FL-41 filters without distorting colour perception. 

Can I put Avulux lenses in any eyeglass frame?  

You bet! Avulux lenses are available in no prescription, single vision lenses, or progressive lenses placed in your new or existing frames!

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