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The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul | Dr. Harbir Sian | TEDxGrandviewHeights

The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul | TED Talk by Dr. Harbir Sian | TEDxGrandviewHeights

We have all heard the saying, “the eyes are the windows to the soul”. While this still rings true, they could also be called the windows to your health! In this TED talk presentation, Dr. Harbir Sian talks about the importance of routine eye exams. As well as how your eye health give insight into your overall health. He, also, speaks about how Eye Care Professionals and can diagnoses and prevent diseases like abnormal blood pressure and tumors.

Dr. Harbir Sian is an award winning optometrist whose passion lies in education and his profession. Dr. Sian studied Kinesiology, the study of the human body, and attained his Bachelor of Applied Science degree at Simon Fraser University. He then moved across the continent to Boston to study at the New England College of Optometry and graduated with a Doctor of Optometry degree in 2010. Among his many travels, he has gone to South American and the Middle East to perform eye exams in underdeveloped areas. He has be awarded “Young Optometrist of the Year” by the British Columbia Doctors of Optometry with this work.

Being back in Vancouver, Dr. Harbir Sian has gone on to do many things. He has written many blogs and started various video series including For Your Eyes Only with and Chiasma. Dr. Sian has also launched The 20/20 Podcast, which featured our very our Dr. Asuchak in an episode!

This talk was given at a TEDx event in Grandview Heights using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Watch Dr. Harbir Sian’s Ted Talk below and learn more information about TedX Talks here.

Watch Dr. Harbir Sian at TEDxGrandviewHeights.

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