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Fall Fashion Hack: New Frame Brands to Spice up your Wardrobe

It’s time to break out your fall fashion and what better way than with a new pair of glasses! At Optical Studio, we have three new frame lines that will complete your look. Our latest brands include Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, and Saint Laurent. Each eyewear line can spice up any outfit bringing your fall fashion to the next level. Keep reading to learn more about each brand!

Update your Wardrobe with Balenciaga

Cristóbal Balenciaga founded Balenciaga in 1917. They have been innovating fashion ever since. With its embodiment of disruptive couture and fashion realism, Balenciaga has continued to be a leader in major fashion trends. Their fall fashion line reimagines the late 90s and incorporates it into their new and old designs. Kim Kardashian is a staple in the Fall 2022 campaign and wears a statement cat eye silhouette frame.

Bottega Veneta and Fall Fashion

Founded in 1966, Bottega Veneta has shifted from leather goods craftsman to luxury, lifestyle brand. This frame line has a timeless and sophisticated energy with a touch of elegance. Their signature style remains as a feature in their fall fashion line. Bottega Veneta’s Fall 2022 campaign highlights bold, monochromatic palettes with redefined silhouettes.

Finish your Outfit with Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent founded Saint Laurent in 1961. Their ready-to-wear couture fashion leaves a permanent mark in the fashion industry. The elegant and timeless style is the signature of this luxury brand. With their name being synonymous with modernity and freedom, Saint Laurent’s designs continue to be on trend. Their Fall 2022 campaign presents gold finishes with modern neutrals to their frame line and are the perfect final addition for your fall fashion.

To learn more information on our new frame lines, call and speak to one of our team members at (403) 320-6414. And don’t forget to book your routine eye examination with one of our seven optometrists.

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