Dr. Ashley Olford is one of our seven optometrists here at Optical Studio. In the video below, Dr. Olford goes in- depth on her early days in eye care and her favorite parts of being a doctor!

Before becoming an optometrist, Dr. Olford worked with pediatric ophthalmologists who specialized in eye movement disorders. An example of an eye movement disorder is an eye turn or a lazy eye. In other terms, these are known as strabismus and amblyopia. Did you know an ophthalmologist is a doctor who specializes in eye care and eye surgery? During this time, Dr. Olford gained a passion for conducting children’s eye exams and their importance! As a result, she strives to educate everyone on the importance of routine eye examinations! 

Travelling to places like Ecuador and Jamaica, Dr. Olford has had the wonderful opportunity to provide eye care services to people all over. In fact, she has taken part in an internship where she was able to exercise her passion for children’s eye exams by conducting preschool screenings in Hong Kong! 

After these experiences, Dr. Olford’s personal mission is to make everyone feel better than when they came in to see her initially. She, and our other optometrists, will always take their time explaining findings, testing, and all things in between to put you at ease.

Did you know it is recommended to have your child’s first eye exam between 6 and 9 months? This means that our optometrists can assess your child’s eyes even if they don’t know their ABCs yet! Also, Alberta Health Care covers the cost of annual eye exams for children until they turn 19!

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You can watch Dr. Ashley Olford’s interview in its entirety below. 

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