Lids by Design are a cosmetic strip that instantly lifts your eyelids! Contours Rx focuses on non-surgical products like the these eyelid strips. After receiving two options to deal with her hooded eyelids, Britain Todd invented Lids by Design and founded Contours Rx. Now there are three options: surgery, live with it, and Lids by Design!

When should you wear them? 

You can wear them for special events or for every day wear. The choice is entirely up to you! With the ability to wear for up to 24 hours, the possibilities are endless.

Who can wear them? 

Anyone and Everyone! These are some of the common concerns people may when considering trying these eyelid strips (book an appointment with one of our optometrists if you have questions about your lids): 

  • Dermatochalasis – excess skin on the eyelid 
  • Asymmetry between both eyes 
  • Loss of elasticity 
  • Hooded eyelids – excess skin that moves down from under the brow bone 
  • Tired eyes 
  • Headaches 
  • Decreased vision 
  • Ptosis – a drooping of the upper lid 

Are they safe? 

Of course! Lids by Design strips are dermatologist-tested, as well as, latex free and hypoallergenic with an organic-based adhesive.  

Can I reuse them? 

Lids by Design strips were made to be worn once. You can reapply and adjust the strip if it wasn’t placed right where you want it.

How do you apply them? 

  • Clean your eyelids, so they are free of makeup or oils 
    • We carry Contours Rx B5 Prep Pads in office to help clean your lids for the perfect application
  • Find the fold of your eye 
    • This “fold” is different than the crease of your eyelid
  • Peel the strip off of the plastic
    • Be careful with the corners – if the strip gets wrinkled, it won’t lay as flat
  • Place the strip horizontally across the fold
  • Gently press the strip down on your lid to adhere
    • This is what makes the strip transparent

Can I wear makeup with them? 

Yes! After cleansing your face (before using moisturizer), apply the Lids by Design strip. Pro tip – apply an eyelid primer to ensure an even application!

Where can I buy them?

We’re so glad you asked! We offer FREE Lids by Design consultations in office with our Diagnostic Technicians. They go in depth about the strips, how to apply, and fit you in the correct size! Call our office at (403) 320-6414 to book your FREE consultation! 

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